Eizu joho jiten [AIDS information dictionary]. Hakubikan Shuppan Henshubu, Editorial Department of Hakubikan Publishing Co.

Eizu joho jiten [AIDS information dictionary]

Tokyo: Hakubikan Shuppan, 1987. Paperback. 206p., text in Japanese, very good paperback in wraps.

Opens with discussion of cases of AIDS dementia in Japan; the disease is explained as being from the US which is at the front lines of AIDS; includes translation of latest sex manuals from US for gays/bis, for women, for drug users, etc; discussion about early AIDS cases in Japan; discussion of AIDS panic. Some cases of PWAs introduced (Japanese tango dancer and her private life in New York); some rather unusual theories (that according to a certain US magazine, AIDS can be transmitted by mosquitoes; that if you drink Yakult probiotic yogurt products you can cure AIDS); ends with introduction of how sex practices may change in age of AIDS: "An encouragement of masturbation."

Cat.No: 162830

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