Cat.No: 158623 The realist [no.64] the magazine of ka-ka. February, 1966. Paul Krassner.

The realist [no.64] the magazine of ka-ka. February, 1966

New York: The Realist, 1966. 32p., newsprint self-wraps 11 x 8.5 inches, somewhat browned with slight foxing on front page but otherwise very good.

The centerfold this issue is an assemblage of drugs-in-the-military jokes called "Junkie battalion." Another cartoon shows Barry Goldwater imolating himself in support of LBJ's Vietnam policy.// Letter section acknowledges as a hoax Lenny Bruce obituary from previous issue (note that the sender of this letter, Jules Feiffer, is lodging a complaint about the parody of HIM), also a letter from Paul Jacobs chortling over HIS previous-issue hoax on ghetto humor, in which he had cited a text from the non-existant Journal of American Poverty.// Lastly (not last of contents, but last we shall particularize) the "Conspiracy Corner" column (by Art Steuer) outlines circumstances that could make one consider Adlai Stevenson's heart attack a murder (he was about to spill, about Vietnam).

Cat.No: 158623

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