Atarashii nanbyo eizu 新しい難病エイズ [The new serious disease of AIDS]. Masazumi 青木雅純 Aoki.

Atarashii nanbyo eizu 新しい難病エイズ [The new serious disease of AIDS]

Tokyo: Iwanami Shoten 岩波書店, 1987. Paperback. xi, 162 p; very good in wraps, second printing. Text in Japanese. Iwanami gendai sensho series, no. NS 550.

Introduces the nature of the AIDS virus, discusses its spread; notes various forms of AIDS; chapter on encounters with AIDS patients; describes scene at an AIDS clinic in San Francisco, conversation between the gay men and drug users there; chapter on AIDS in Japan; chapter speculating what will happen in the future with AIDS; development of AIDS treatment. Unclear who the author actually is, from internal evidence it seems he is infectious disease specialist; but can't find anything about him; perhaps it is a penname. From dedication it seems he was in the US for many years; he frames the text as the experiences of a physician named Kitamura Tsuneo who visits US in 1984 and interacts with physicians and HIV+ people there.

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ISBN: 4000075500

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