Red Symphony. J. Landowsky, trans. George Knupffer.

Red Symphony

London: The Plain-Speaker Publishing Company, 1968. 56p., very good in wraps with librarian tape on spine, as issued.

"The material here given is a translation of Ch. XL of a book which appeared in Madrid in Spanish as 'Sinfonia en Rojo Mayor,' and is now past its 11th Edition, produced by Editorial E.R.S.A. under the well-known publisher Senor Don Mauricio Carlavilla, who has very kindly agreed to this English translation and publication." Landowsky said to be a doctor kept as prisoner by the NKVD to attend upon human experiments and other horrors; his notebooks were supposedly found on his corpse in Leningrad by a Spanish volunteer and taken to Spain for publication. Conspiratorial nest of intrigue hinting that Hitler was manipulated by a Jewish cabal into fighting the USSR so that Trotsky could take over. Naturally the Masons are also involved.

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