Eizu no chiteki taishoho 「エイズ」の知的対処法 [An intelligent method for handling AIDS]. Yoshio 行天良雄 Gyoten.

Eizu no chiteki taishoho 「エイズ」の知的対処法 [An intelligent method for handling AIDS]

Tokyo: Iwanami Shoten 岩波書店, 1987. Paperback. 62p., text in Japanese, very good slim trade paperback in pictorial wraps. Iwanami bukkuretto series, no.89.

Author was a television producer of health and medicine related programs for NHK (Japan's public broadcasting), he also consulted with Ministry of Health. Written after the first wave of panic over AIDS, when the official count of AIDS cases in Japan was 38 (25 of whom were dead). Contents: 1. Japan's AIDS problem; 2. The response to AIDS in US and Europe; 3. Information; 4. What is AIDS; 5. Compared to hepatitis; 6. Glimpse of sex; 7. It's just a venereal disease, but… 8. What the medical world must do; 9. What we should do. Traces response to AIDS in Japan, on how information society can factor into production of panic. Includes discussion of AIDS discrimination in US.

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ISBN: 4000030299

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