Cat.No: 132021 Traveling to the Fourth Dimension: The Journey Begins. Jacob Salpeter Buckley.

Traveling to the Fourth Dimension: The Journey Begins

n.p. 1st Books Library, 2003. Paperback. vi, 191p., softbound in 8x5 inch photodecorated wraps, entirely clean, sound and unmarked (except for author's presentation on titlepage), a very good copy. Juvenalia, set in 3458 CE, inscribed by the ten-year-old writer, a resident of Woodside CA; text looks to be fairly well structured, but the smooth editing job by adults in his circle denature what might have been charming.

"I began writing this book when I was nine years old and finished it when I was ten. Now that is it finished, it is hard to believe that it will now be shown to the world. One of my life's goals is to have the book read by someone that I do not know" --this last quite an astute comment. In the same authorial note Buckley thanks family and friends for ideas, for editing and proofreading (next time, tell em "Hands off, dudes"). His handwriting (he inscribes to Dave Eggers) confirms his youth.

Cat.No: 132021
ISBN: 1410787176

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