Cat.No: 106153 The realist [no.91-A]; The cynic route: from conspiracy to community. Paul Krassner.

The realist [no.91-A]; The cynic route: from conspiracy to community

New York: the every-other-monthly, July-August 1971. Single folio leaf folded twice to make 8p., printed double-column on newsprint. A bit browned with a corner crease.

Cover story is a letter by Ted Otteson (University of Missouri English prof) in rebuttal to featured conference speaker Max Lerner; Lerner was pooh-poohing "conspiracy theories." Otteson points up undeniable police and state conspiracies to preserve white supremacy. The same conference saw the confiscation of ten thousand copies of a special University News with materials by Ken Kesey, Krassner, Allen Ginsberg and merry pranksters, confiscation ostensibly for an explicit poem by AG (reprinted here in 91-A), "Troost Street Blues." Also find Teenie Weenie Deanie's "Memories of Owsley, the acid king." Deanie was distributor for and sidekick to Owsley, got to meet many "Mr Bigs" (Deanie only mentions John Lennon and neal Cassidy by name), wound up helping in the manufacture and getting much to high. About 2.5 double-column pages.

Cat.No: 106153

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