Cat.No: 105920 The realist no. 94; October 1972. Paul Krassner.

The realist no. 94; October 1972

New York: The Realist Association, 1972. Magazine. 40p., staplebound newsprint magazine, 10.5 x 8.25 inches paper browned and slightly soiled else good condition.

This is the issue where cover drawing subtly shows Sammy Davis Jr sodomizing Richard Nixon. Inside, find Krassner on Kubrick's Clockwork Orange and violence in America, Odds Bodkins and Gary Trudeau cartoons. The Realist Conspiracy Corner job here is a lengthy state-of-the-disunion essay by Jerry Policoff [editor of Second Decade JFK research mag] who reviews Jim Garrison's book Heritage of Stone and Weisberg's Frame-Up.

Cat.No: 105920

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