The realist [no.78]; Final solutions to the assassination question. Paul Krassner.

The realist [no.78]; Final solutions to the assassination question

New York: the monthly, April, 1968. 16p., browned, mild signs of handling, wraps, 8.5x11 inches.

Three cover-story "solutions," the first by Craig Karpel on the question of Kennedy' rumored rapprochement with Castro, 6p., William Attwood, reporter Lisa Howard and Howard's improbable suicide. Karpel apparently consulted William Turner. // Stories 2 & 3 are Krassnerian jokes. No.2 is by Reginald Dunsany, frequent contributor to The Realist; he pursues and embellishes Jim Garrison's early gaffe that the Kennedy assassination was a plot by gays. Dunsany (or somebody) has coined a name for these plotters, namely The Homintern; "..according to a former CIA agent.. the Homintern was founded in Switzerland in 1931.." History of the Homintern, past assassinations in Europe and the US, Homintern covert operations, and how JFK caper was carried off : about 2 and a half pages. // No.3 is by Steve Klinger, an extravaganza on the current wave of nutball murders, Richard Speck, the Austin TX tower shooter, and so on. "Mark Lane," says Klinger, "is preparing to publish a book which attempts to prove that the bullets in the Austin killings could not possibly have been fired from the University tower."

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