The realist [no.75]; June 1967. Paul Krassner.

The realist [no.75]; June 1967

New York: The Realist Association, January 1968. 24p., staplebound newsprint magazine, paper browned, 8.5x11 inches. This issue has a gorgeous new masthead in red, a one-time improvement never repeated, and, also on cover in red, the Realist grinch (or schmoo) front-and-center in red and redrawn (by Jay Lynch) as a paisley teardrop. If Krassner had had enough money to continue such variation your collection would look a lot more interesting.

Three cover articles. The first is a follow-up of the previous issue's "parts left out of the Manchester book," runs 5 pp., and lets it be known whose idea it was that LBJ altered JFK's neckwound --namely, Marvin Garson. It may not be incidental that Barbara Garson of "MacBird" fame (1964) is Mrs. Marvin Garson. Anyway, "..Marvin Garson was turning on with a Newsweek reporter one night and got the idea for that infamous scene of what must be spelled neckrophilia. When he told me [Krassner] about it, I knew --instinctively I KNEW-- that in context this was the perfect logicabsurd [sic] conclusion of what I was working on, both dramatically (it could be taken literally or symbolically) and psychologically (it was the mutual simultaneous culmination of Jackie's and Lyndon's unconsciousnesses). Garson gave me five pages, which I boiled down to one paragraph" --followed by his account of problems getting the Realist's printer to print it. // Cover story number two is "Legal and Actual Concentration Camps in America" by Charles R. Allen, Jr., who later published a substantial treatment focussing on the Japanese internment camps, how these are kept in readiness. // Cover story three is a lengthy Krassnerization of SDS, the Diggers, Herman Kahn (apparently Kahn and Krassner actually did get together!) and several current movies including Blow Up. // Back cover is a movie-poster style sendup of Ethel and Robert Kennedy's marital problems "with Cardinal Cushing as Jack Oakie"

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