Aroma no. 4, Chinese communist crimes in using humans as guinea pigs

Taipei: Compilation Department, Kuang Lu Publishing Service, March 1986. 77p., stapled 7.5 x 5 inch gathering tipped into plain printed blue wraps. Tip of one corner is slightly bumped.

Author Wu says he himself spent thirty years "in communist prisons.. I was to come by this information from an oral record of a fellow inmate, Dr. Yu Kemin in Fushun prison. He was an eyewitness to these crimes." Wu alleges that Chinese communist CBW experiments are nastier the "the Ishii unit" [Unit 731]. He seems also to conflate these experiments with the US bacteriological attacks alleged in 1951 and more or less proved in 1998 -- "the denouncement of America's use of germs during the Korean War, and of the international invstigative body, who carried out on-the-spot investigations in China's Manchuria.. [a] political smokescreen.." Wu's notions are not clarified by his novelistic approach, invented dialogue, or stilted English.

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