The New York ledger,; a journal of choice literature, romance and useful information; volume 48 number 49 December 17, 1892 [with] volume 52 number 25 June 27, 1896 [two issues as a small lot]

New York: the weekly, copyright by Robert Bonner's Sons, 1892, 86. 20p. each, folio gatherings 16 x 11 inches each with half-page wood-engraved image on cover and various lesser images within. Some signs of handling and age, but handleable, one issue never folded and the other once folded but long since stored flat. To be mailed flat or safely rolled. Together.

Find a preponderance of Latin America stories --for 1892, installments of "The Spanish Treasure, a story of love and the love of gold" and "Columbus and his great adventure" --and for 1896, "Filibusters of Venezuela or the trials of a Spanish girl" and "Fighting for Cuba's freedom, a story of the struggle for Cuban independence" ..America's paternalistic curiosity soon to break out in a "Spanish-American War."

Cat.No: 99696

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