Ancient illuminated rhymes. Four nursery rhymes

[London]: no publisher, no date [mid 1870s]. 8 leaves, of which 1st and 2nd, and 7th and 8th (text pages) seriously torn and missing substantial portions. Oblong 5.75 x 8 inch sewn self-wraps, old thread, old home-made repair. Four plates present and intact with small corner creases, complex layered colors per a process akin to but probably not lithography; each plate embellished with metallic brass "gilt." The four presumably account for all called for, one for each rhyme. Further description upon request.

Dated from a handwritten presentation under the title, to 'the dearest little boy, ___ from ___, Xmas 1878.' One of a published series of so-called 'ancient illuminated rhymes;' another such in this series that we have seen (but cannot supply) is 'The carrion crow'. Here are Little Jack Horner, Nine and Twenty Tailors, Little Miss Muffet and Goosey Goosey Gander together. Uncredited artist's style imitates and parodies medieval 'illuminated' manuscript illustration,

Cat.No: 99599

Price: $25.00