The neuropsychology of aggression, based on papers presented at a workshop sponsored by the Dept. of Psychobiology, University of California, Irvine, and held at Newport Beach, Calif., Mar. 1974 [subtitle from copyright page]

New York: Plenum Press, 1974. viii, 214p., several illustrations, text is photographically reproduced from typescript. First issue 10 x 6.75 inch boards in dj. Slight shelfwear, jacket is a little edgeworn. Advances in behavioral biology, volume 12.

Papers, each followed by a transcription wherein author fields questions from other workshop participants. Ashley Montague was there representing the non-innate point of view (oop, he adduces confirmations from "the gentle Tasaday" fraud, but that's not the general basis of his opinion). Montague thinks violence can be reduced by "raising children in a humanizing enviroment." Most of the rest of the conferees think violence is amenable to ablation of brain structure and the implantation of electrodes. Find three pages of cartoons, these show a troop of monkeys, eight adolescent males, before and after going under the knife. // NB, conferees are not big names, except for Montague, and none of the scalpel-wielders are famous. One team, Mirsky and Harman, cites Jose Delgado and E. S. Valenstein once each.

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