Pan-Germanism, its plans for German expansion in the world. Translated by J. S.

Paris: Librairie Armand Colin, 1915. 81p., sewn gatherings in plain printed wraps, 8.5 x 5.5 inches. Mild browning throughout, a light corner tweak affecting all leaves, a nice copy of an item that was fragile the day it was issued. Studies and documents on the war (a publishing committee");.

Sample headings and sub-heads from table of contents : First symptoms of aggressive pan-Germanism - "Neuer Kurs," Customs Union, Bismarck dreamed of including France.. / Continental pan-Germanism - Holland and Belgium, ancient anti-Russian currents, the propaganda of pure Germanism, the p-G League.. / German projects of penetration - designs upon the South American republics, staking out claims in the US and Oceania. demand for Crete and Armenia, designs upon Mesopotamia.. the Mediterranean.. upon Morocco ("major plan, minimum plan, the colossal plan").. upon Central Africa.. / Pan-Magyarism an auxiliary of p-G, Austrian p-G, "Trialist" imperialism.

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