An open letter to Bo (Rita D. Brown) from the rest of Brigade. George Jackson Brigade.

An open letter to Bo (Rita D. Brown) from the rest of Brigade

[Seattle]: George Jackson Brigade, 1977. Four page open letter, photocopied 8.5x11 inch sheets stapled in the upper left hand corner.

Self-critical open letter from the urban guerrilla group, including discussion of how the cross-dressing lesbian bank robber's distinctive hair style allowed her to be spotted and arrested. "It was your hair, comrade... Zip, just like that another of our strongest fighters is locked up." The Portland Mercury described Brown as follows: "Brown, a Klamath, Oregon native who often did her dirty work in drag, was dubbed 'The Gentleman Bankrobber' for creatively blending her butch cross-dressing style with polite gun-pointing prattle, and was praised by bank tellers for her congeniality while committing her outlaw activities."

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