Progress of science in the application of electricity and aerial navigation,; [in] The review; official organ of the Utah federation of women's clubs, published weekly, vol. III no. 11 Saturday, March 19 [cover story]; 1898. Annie M. Bradley, editor

Salt Lake City: the review, 1898. 4p. (of 8p.), semi-coated paperstock, 12 x 9 inch self-wraps; four folio leaves rather bafflingly untrimmed [attached] at the top margins but split at spinefolds, intact as to text but quite edgeworn, with a little tears expecially at old foldlines, and a corner stain. No loss of text.

A transcription of an address "delivered before the Salt Lake Woman's Club, March 1st, 1898." These are Curtis' thoughts on the eve, not only of a new physics, but a new imperialism. Sample quotes : "The Roentgen rays, or the X rays of Tesla, were the discovery of 1896; but last year so widened the sphere of investigation..." following which find ruminations on electricity, magnetism, vibration ("mounting into the trillions per secord"), the "new element helium," ether, the wave properties of light, truisms of poetry and myth, and science fictional adaptations of radio waves : "Signor Marconi claims to have sent, successfully, telegraphic dispatches through a hill.. Great Britain, in her pride as queen of the seas, rejoices in having built in 1897, the fastest battleship that ever parted the waves of the ocean; but of what avail would be her swift-winged battle ship, if from any one of the U. S. lighthouse an electric ray could explode its magazine as far away as a beam of light could be thrown?" It should be noted that this cataloguer's hurried reading has failed to discover any discussion of the promise held out in the title, of "progress in aerial navigation." // Blavatsky and Bulwer Lytton are cited, along with Edison and Morse, Edison getting most attention. No further mention of Tesla. // Other shorter notices in The Review deal for example with discovery of cobalt deposits in America, and the success of a recent anti-expectoration ordinance.

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