Vantage point; chronological indices for volumes 1 thru 14; monthly numbers vols. 15 thru 22 [some gaps] plus annual indices [86 unduplicated fastenings]

Seoul: Vantage Point, 1978 - 1999. Staplebound booklets, starting with 14 indices for 1978-1992, each is 16p; then, vol. 15 nos. 3, 9-12 [5 nos., 32p. each] + index; v.16 [nos. 1-12 complete + index]; v.17 [1-12, lacks index]; v.18 [1-3, 4(misnumbered), 5-12 + index (complete, no. 4 checks out against index)]; v.19 [1-12, indx]; v.20 [1-12, lacks index], lacks volume 21 entirely, new series starts with v.22 [of which 3 nos. only]. At some point the journal pagination jumps from 32 pages to 64 pages. Many of the staples are rusted with some slight offsetting, otherwise clean fresh copies. The broken run of 86 booklets.

Articles like, "North Koreans Urged to collect More Scrap Iron"; "Pyongyang Festival Slated for April 28-30: Nobody Knows What the Fete Is for"; "Does the Military Control the workers' Party?"

Cat.No: 91714
ISBN: 1228517x

Price: $50.00