Who "is invading others' territory" the use by US secret services of spying equipment against Soviet citizens and offices in the USA

Moscow: Novosti Press Agency Publishing House, 1987. 23p., b&w photoillustrations (mostly displayed surveillance gadgets), staplebound 7.5 x 5 inches. Mildest signs of age, handling.

Something akin to the books generated by the U2 shootdown and trial, but on smaller scale. Find here the text of a press conference Q & A, Soviet responses conducted by Boris Pyadyshev. Questioners are correspondents from APN, Red Star, Unen [Mongolia], Al Sharq [Lebanon], Al Anba [Kuwait], TASS, Moscow News, Time Magazine [who asks does Pyadyshev think the US gadgets are as good as the USSR's], ABC tv, CBS, The Guardian, The Post, --and Hungarian, Swedish, Czech and Canadian reps.

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