National People's army of the GDR [Redaktion 'DDR im Uberblick']

Berlin: Panorama DDR, December 1983. 48p., inserted plates with dozens of color photographs repro'd two to a page, and other couple dozen b&w. Captions and text. Glossy 7.25 x 5.5 inch color photographic wraps back cover and some leaves of text are creased and slightly foxed at the crease, otherwise mildest signs of handling and age.

One photo is hilarious, several are odd. A US military book editor would weed out such innocent liabilities as flightsuited pilots holding toy planes aloft, swooping them and grinning; the caption says that they are "evaluating a mission," --re-creating a maneuver? but it looks as if East German fighter pilots are delusional. Another shows a very young man handling a four- or five-foot howitzer shell into a breach, with altarboy selfconsciousness.

Cat.No: 86013

Price: $15.00