The Realist [no.98]; Why was Patricia Hearst kidnapped? Mae Brussell's conspiracy newsletter [complete Realist issue]

New York: The Realist, February, 1974. 38p., self-wraps, 10.5 x 8 inch staplebound newsprint magazine; browned and faintly foxed, no mustiness and not brittle, slightly misfolded at the spine.

Krassner put his mag at Mae's service on serveral occasions, this perhaps the most notable instance, given over entirely to Mae's magnum opus. She wrote very little and no-one has successfully tackled the transcripts from her 800 radio shows, which would involve footnoting from her 47 file cabinets and personal library. // For starters : "From 1967 to 1969, [Donald DeFreeze] worked as a police informer for the Los Angeles Police Department, under Detective R. G. Farwell, Public Disorder Intelligence unit. At the time, the LAPD was supplying weapons to black agents, and hiring them to kill Black Panthers. DeFreeze worked with police agent-provocateur Ron Karenga, head of the US Organization.. Nothing in DeFreeze's background indicated a political consciousness while he worked as a Police Intelligence informer. In December, 1967, DeFreeze led police to an apartment where a cache of 200 stolen weapons were found. On November 11, 1969, DeFreeze exchanged gun shots with a bank guard and wounded him --using a .32 Beretta automatic pistol, one of the 200 stolen guns that the police had apparently allowed him to keep.." SAMPLE FROM TABLE OF CONTENTS : " "Why was the SLA created --the motives? The tell-tale revolutionaries, conspicuous banditos or provocateurs? Tactical support --where did it come from? How dangerous was the SLA? How do you tell a CIA espionage plot from a revolutionary, radical, terrorist guerrilla army?"

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