The times of Viet Nam weekly, Saturday November 2, 1957, vol. II, No 43, section A

Saigon: the "weekly" 1957. 12p., newsprint illustrated with stock photography and a few ads, 16 x 11 inches folded once in standard format. "Section A" only. Browned of course but not overly fragile, mildest edgewear.

Editor Nguyen Lau. Entirely in English. This day's editorial opines (subhead "LIGHTS OUT") that evening traffic as it is, bicycles in Saigon should have lights (by law, this regretfully flouted) and bike-riders should not wear dark clothing; opines also ("MISUNDERSTANDING CLEARED") that president Ngo dinh Diem's four consecutive visits to India have been misunderstood, editor clears it up at length, but less clearly than the bicycle issue.

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