The he - she. Anonymous, Eneg, Gene Bilbrew.

The he - she

[New York]: [Wholesale/Mutrix], [1960s]. Magazine. 52p., 5x7 inches, drag queen photo-illustrated, the name "Annette" in green ink followed by a symbol with numbers in red on inner covers and the number 471 on a tiny white label on cover otherwise very good booklet in stapled pictorial wraps. Transvestite tale.

This booklet has no publication info at all but is consistant with the Mutrix Book line. Gene Bilbrew aka Eneg aka Bondy was an African American fetish artist from Los Angeles. Irving Klaw was the publisher of Nutrix which later became Mutrix under Ed Mishkin. Both were published out on NYC in the 1950s until Kefauver Hearings of the Senate Subcommittee on Juvenile Delinquency.

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