John Lennon; conversations channelled by Linda Deer Domnitz, illustrations by Susan Rowe

Farmingdale: Coleman Publishing, 1984. Unpaginated foreword, 283p., publisher's ads (cassettes of this material, other self-help hypnosis), inserted color illustrations (portraits of Lennon, a dozen or so), first edtion 8.5 x 5.5 inch color wraps. Slightly edgeworn.

Yet another book puts cliche into the Lennon mouth, this production not quite so lazily poor as the book by fellow-channeller Jason Leen ("Peace at Last") but "Conversations" is not really different, just more elaborate. In both instances the reader is subjected to generic mystical encouragement and superficial allusion to subject's life and companions. Domnitz does devote a few pages to the circumstances of John's appearance to her, the m.o. of his delivery -- in the course of which we find she's made a cottage industry of her channelling "take" -- and cites books that influenced her. Verdict: Too Much Seth, Too Little Linda. Illustrator Rowe's account of meeting John post mortem is in the same vein : circumstances not striking, illustrations so tied to John's celebrity and to his media image, as to encourage our (or this cataloguer's) disbelief.

Cat.No: 81847
ISBN: 0942494857

Price: $20.00