Contributions received by statewide and state officeholders and candidates from major contributors January 1, 1981, through June 30, 1982, Volume II --issued October, 1982. Commissioners: chairman Tom K. Houston, Charles Conrad, Colleen McAndrews, Art Metzger, Mickey Ziffren [one item of two, complete in itself]

Sacramento: State of California Fair Political Practices Commission, 1982. iii, 248, 18, 19p.,

For instance, look up "John Vasconcellos" and find a one & a half-page of listing of his contributors : a real estate company gave him five thou, apparently in connection with a "Ventana Inn" project. A Hughes subsidiary, Hughes Organization Public Affairs Com (HOPAC), gave him 1.5 thousand; Los Alamitos race course gave him one thousand bucks, on down to Betty & Stanley Sheinbaum, who could only part with a C-note. Volume I of this pair, lacking here, would have "presented the data from the perspective of the campaign committees and major donors which contribute to" these public individuals and ballot measures.

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