InTERRORgation the CIA's secret manual on coercive questioning, with an introduction by Jon Elliston

[Eugene]: ParaScope, Inc, 1997. About fifty pages [original pagination runs 6, 128p., here reproduced about 3 to 1 in unpaginated double-column text], semicoated paperstock, redactions in the original are here displayed with black bars, professional printing and layout, 11 x 8.5 inch staplebound wraps. A fine clean copy.

"This reprint is a verbatim reproduction of the CIA's July 1963 "KUBARK Counterintelligence Interrogation" manual. All words, punctuation, and spellings are unchanged.. Bars containing page numbers are inserted to indicate the original page breaks in the document," also bars showing extent of redactions. A very professional job of reproduction and plainly a labor of righteous zeal. The six-page intro by Elliston fleshes out the ambiguously cold text. Excerpts from table of contents : "Explanation of purpose. Explanation of organization. Legal and policy considerations [much redacted]. The interrogator. The interrogatee. Intelligence categories. Personality categories [nine personality types described in some detail]. Non-coercive counterintelligence interrogation-- the opening; reconnaissance, detailed questioning; techniques of non-coercive interrogation of resistant sources. Coercive interrogation of resistant sources-- restrictions; theory of coercion; arrest; detention; deprivation of sensory stimuli; threats and fear; debility; pain; heightened suggestibility and hypnosis [I'm ready to talk already, just reading this]; narcosis; detection of malingering; conclusion. Interogator's check list. Descriptive bibliography [12 pages in the original, some familiar authors, 42 enties of which 6 redacted in full].

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