Study of mind development groups, sects and cults in Ontario,; Daniel G. Hill, special advisor; a report to the Ontario government

Toronto: the provincial government, June 1980. xvi, 773p., text typewriter-set, 11.5 x 8.25 inch professionally-printed cardstock wraps with black binder's tape spine; somewhat edgeworn, lightly scuffed and stained. Former owner taped a Sun Myung Moon leaflet to inside front cover, now detached and laid in, tape-ends remain.

Concensus papers of committees of psychiatrists (mostly) and others in the mental health field. The tone of this input to the Canadian government is dismissive and cautionary. Deprogramming for instance is seen by one contributor as coercive and worse than the cult situation. Few groups are mentioned by name but the several bibliographies reveal which were looked at (Moonies especially, Werner Ehrhard's est also stands out in frequency of mention) and what authorities were looked to (Richard Delgado and Robert Jay Lifton, who impute brainwashing on the military model, are cited frequently but usually as examples of the way not to go).

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ISBN: 0774352663

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