NACLA newsletter

New York: North American Congress on Latin America, 1969. 18p., stapled at corner. This issue includes "Perspective on the Peruvian Military - Part 1, " by Michael Locker, More on the C.L.A., with photos of members, "US Naval Activity: 1946-1969," a list of US military interventions 1789 - 1945 inserted into the Congressional Record by Sen. Everett Dirksen. The information source for the Left in Latin America. Vol. III, No. 5, September.

The NACLA Newsletter, which became the Latin America & Empire Report in the early 1970s, was the primary source for Left-wing reportage on events and institutions affecting the people of Latin America, occasionally expanding coverage to the Mid-East, Southeast Asia and,of course, the Empire. Each issue, published monthly, is filled with lists,statistics, reading lists, tables, maps and other extremely useful information on the activities of the CIA, US and multinational corporations, banking institutions and military-police tactics throughout South and Central Americas, the islands and Mexico.

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