Writers of today and their message to the world including a guide to contemporary literature and its tendencies

Girard: Haldeman-Julius Publications, 1928. 61p., staplebound 8.5 x 5.5 inch pamphlet in decorated [series] wraps, somewhat browned and edgeworn. Key to culture no. 31.

Too much to hope for that McCabe would be other than a hobby-horse critic, he's still looking to novelists and poets to dismantle the power of the clergy, while not having heard of Joyce --anticatholic par excellence and banned in the United States to boot. McCabe is still really stuck in pre-war years, if not the nineteenth century. "Thomas Hardy," he says, "for instance, wrote me, a few years ago, a short and not very clear letter, apropos of his returning to church, which plainly enough meant the conviction of an artist, reflecting on life, that science and reason had failed and the world needed something like faith. One has merely to ask oneself how much Thomas Hardy knew about history.."

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