The spirit of the agrarian reform translated from Spanish by Guillermo Cabrera Leiva, cultural attache of the Cuban foreign service

La Habana, Cuba: Oficina de Publicidad e Informacion del Palacio Presidencial, "Ano de la liberacion [1959]. 9p., mimeographed 13 x 8.5 inch leaves, rectos only, staplebound in upper left corner. Bears the neat round stamp of the Cuban Publicity Office. Folded once, ex libris with an accession stamp (provenance on request), slightly rumpled at the fastening but plainly very little handled, and only faintly browned (paperstock is a cut above the usual mimeo paper).

A legend on the first page explains that the author, "a member of the Franciscan Order, is the Editor of the Catholic magazine 'La Quincena'. His article 'The Spirit of the Agrarian Reform', revised an [sic] approved by Msgr. Evelio Diaz, Auxiliar Archbishop of Havana, was published in 'Revolucion', official organ of the 26 July Movement." ..Father Biain seems sympathetic to the new Cuba and, presumably, Castro --rather in the spirit of liberation theology, a movement then waiting in ideological wings. Biain concludes, p9, that "This is the hour of Cuba. For the first time a legal order affecting rural property has been established in our country, for the nation of today and tomorrow"

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