The years the locusts stole; a novel; volume I -- the ordeal

Nashville: author, per Sozo Publishing Company, 1984. [7], 152p., softbound, 8.5 x 5.5 inch glossy portrait wraps in color. Slightly rubbed.

A kind of diary of an indictment and trial, badly and crazily written, surely autobiographical but this explicitly denied. From the introduction: "It all began in the year that the locusts came. Actually, they were cicadas, which swarm every seventeen years or so here in Nashville. Pixie was born earlier that year.. The perfect child! I was elated! So I thought, until eight years and eight months later. At that time, Pixie's mother had me arrested. The charge was aggravated rape plus repeated sexual assaults on Pixie during the past four years. INCEST!" The story's only details concern the narrator's subsequent sufferings, his subsequent lawyers, his subsequent religion (he discovers Watchman Nee through a retired NATO officer), his numerous brain-stormings and phone calls and letter-writing (to Pixie's pediatrician, &c &c), his jockeyings, in short, for legal recourse. Turner (or whoever) is a man of the world and many changes are rung on matters of worldly wisdom, but do not expect any sense of this guy's emotional relationships, almost nothing about his vengeful wife or his presumably manipulated daughter. In fact a brief unexplained tag on the back cover seems confessional: next to color repro of a painted portrait of "the Capstan" [sic], is the legend "With sword that gives life when embedded," a plainly phallic reference uncalled-for by any surrounding text or other indicator.

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