Soviet information networks, preface by David M. Abshire, foreword by Leonard Schapiro. Gayle Durham Hannah.

Soviet information networks, preface by David M. Abshire, foreword by Leonard Schapiro

[Washington, D. C.]: Center for Strategic and International Studies, Georgetown University, 1977. viii, 80p., softbound, plain printed 8.5 x 5.5 inch wraps,

A very detailed and sure-footed analysis by someone who's been there; she was co-ordinating a project at MIT when she "took a leave of absence to serve as a Foreign Service Officer with the United States Information Agency in the Soviet Union. In both roles she interviewed Soviet citizens extensively about their communications behavior, and has followed up her personal observations with interviews with numerous Soviet emigres concerning later developments. More recently, Dr. Hannah has been associated with Harvard University ..a Ford Faculty Fellow ..a Milton Fellow.. a Fellow at Radcliffe Institute and the Russian Research Center." A macher; and presumably liason to, or sub rosa officer of, the CIA. Gayle Hannah had by 1977 published several titles on Soviet media. These must have been earmarked for a small circle of readers, because none of her books are on the net (at this writing, 2003) --this booklet and her others may have had veddy small printings. She's a planner-for-American-hegemony and doesn't need to make a living through booksales. Likewise her admirerers who wrote prefatory material for this book: Schapiro is a "Russian expert" in the literary/cultural vein, who get published by the likes of Praeger, Basic, and Yale. Abshire is, to judge from his other publications, a high-up strategic planner --pre-1990 books by him portray the superpower detente as too fragile to prevent WWIII so let's.. do something else.

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