Psychiatry is a danger for schizophrenics. Jerome Spevack.

Psychiatry is a danger for schizophrenics

Winona: Apollo press, 1986. Unpaginated preliminaries, 80p., photoillustrations [taken from Albert Deutsch's "The shame of the States"], text is typewriter- (or keyboard-) set. Trade-sized softbound, 8.25 x 5.5 inch coated wraps, cover has a crease, there is some trivial handling soil.

Author speaks directly to the schizophrenic reader, possibly from personal experience (no autobiographical detail is proffered). Psychiatry will help, he says, only because ANYTHING WILL HELP. Overreliance however is a danger indeed. Stay out of the hospitals if you can. Five chapters: DSM III; Cause; Meds; Hospital; ECT- psychotherapy - skill training. From chapter one, selected sentences: "First, this is what the DSM III says about psychosis.. I'll break the DSM III down to you this way. Suppose your doctor said something like this to you.. [It ] means, in essence.. [Spevack 'translates']. Your intelligence makes the situation far from hopeless.. You, as an intellect, may not own a business or work in a career that is commensurate.. Try, have hope.. " There is a 7-page bibliography listing useful things to read in the field (these not mere "uplift").

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ISBN: 0996044845

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