The two-edged sword a study of the paranoid personality in action. William H. Hampton, M. D., Virginia Schroeder Burnham.

The two-edged sword a study of the paranoid personality in action

Santa Fe: Sundial Publications / Sunstone Press, 1990. 144p., first edition paperbound, 8.5 x 5.5 inch decorated wraps. Mild signs of handling and age. This copy was inscribed in 1991 to Marilyn Ferguson by, and signed by, Virginia Schroeder Burnham (in all the pompous fulness of that lengthy name).

Sunstone Press issues books of Southwest interest, there are no other listings for "Sundial Publications;" this name may have been chosen by Sunstone to distinguish it from its other listings. Lord knows it is not an impressive text and could very well be a vanity item. At any rate.. the authors make an anecdotal case, citing cult leaders, politicians (Ceausescu bad, Churchill good) and nobodies, for a dreary theory, that a viable personality is a balance of paranoia and optimism -- a hazy use of the word paranoia. Dr. Hamilton's vita seems unextraordinary, but V. S. Burnham's "extensive volunteer activites culminated in her being knighted a Dame of Malta in 1985" so, SHE's a cold warrior and HER vanity-press babble may be of interest.

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