Fur, logs, and human lives; the great Oshkosh woodworker strike of 1898

Oshkosh: Green Mountain Editions, 1976. Paperback. 111p., wraps slightly worn, illus., 8.5x11 inches. Includes a section on Clarence Darrow at the trial of the woodworkers. Green Mountain quarterly no. 3.

Great account of this 1898 strike where "A dozen infuriated women, wives of the strikers, constituted the most disorderly element in the crowd" because of having to survive on such small pay checks with their large families.Urged on by the cheers of the men, the women, with pouches filled with eggs, sand and pepper hanging in front of them, and with great clubs in their hands, three and four feet long, swung up and down the street halting pedestrians and chasing every non-union man who appeared within a block of the mill."

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