IKWEZI: a journal of South African and southern African political analysis; number 5 April 1977; "Basil Davidson and revisionism in Southern Africa"

London: IKWEZI, 1977. Magazine. 79p., 5.75x8.25 inches, digest-siZe magazine/journal in orange printed staplebound wraps mildly worn, scrape at top of front cover.

"Basil Davidson has been widely praised as a populariser of African History and of various causes in both Africa and elsewhere. But Davidson has also been criticised for a lack of in-depth analysis and empirical data. When a piece such as the one in the New Politics of Revolution [a new BD title here reviewed] appears, it becomes blatantly apparent that Davidson employs a journalistic perspective to advertise a definite political line. Although not a major official revisionist hack, &c &c" first part of an essay "to be continued." Continuation not available. -- Also:: "Africa, beware of Russian social-imperialism and super power rivalry," and considerations of "White-led South African communist party, party use [of] Marxism-Leninism to maintain white privileges in South Africa: Harry Haywood, Afro-American Marxist-Leninist on the background to the black republic; Frelimo theisis on conversion to [the party]; Angolan Marxist Leninists on MPLA; more.

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