Towards a citizens' militia anarchist alternatives to NATO & the Warsaw pact

Sanday, Orkney: Cienfuegos Press, 1980. 28p., semicoated paperstock illustrated with numerous diagrams (instruments of sabotage, security force tactics, operational plats), oversize pamphlet in staplebound glossy 11.75 x 8.25 inch cardstock wraps, library stamp on front wrap.

"This book is aimed at people who, through social conscience or political belief, must themselves resist an authoritarian domestic government. The tasks of such a freedom fighter are substantially different from those of, for example, a partisan resisting an invader in the name of an exiled government, or an agent of a foreign government attempting to subvert the order and authority of an enemy country..:" Other books in this vein, that the authors feel they can recommend, are "The Poor Man's James Bond" and "The Poor Man's Armourer," then available by post from California, now out of print.

Cat.No: 75760
ISBN: 0904564339

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