LA Star; an unauthorized newspaper issue 105; you are the star in the L. A. Star

Los Angeles: the tabloid, 1976. Folio leaves folded to 40p., 15 x 12 inches, folded again to tabloid size. Black & white photoillustration (snapshot living-room erotica) and decorative 'psychedelic' lettering / borders, monochrome tints to outer leaf. Outer leaf is quite rubbed along spine fold, otherwise general handling wear and light soil.

"You are the star;" most or possibly all of the nekkid photos are volunteered by Star readers, male & female, lesbian and gay (gay photos discreet, no couples). Articles include a reprint of a Yipster Times piece on Jan Wenner, he's anticommunist and was offered money by Warner Communications not to print "articles in support of the revolutionary left;" -- a double-spread by Paul Krassner on Patty Hearst, Jolyon West the UCLA violence [read 'mind'] control freak, and on Colston Westbrook the ex-CIA man who mentored Donald DeFreeze; and CIA chimpanzee experiments, this by Jack Kimborough. Teasers announce material on Tim Leary (he just got out), magic mushrooms, and the editor's bout with pills.

Cat.No: 73290

Price: $20.00