LA Star no. 109, an unauthorized newspaper

Los Angeles: the tabloid, [1976]. Folio newsprint leaves folded to 40p., 15 x 12 inches, folded again to tabloid size. Outer leaf in several colors, b&w photoillustration within, mostly people displaying genitals. Several fold-intersections have begun to part, nonetheless easily handlable, otherwise handling wear and light soil.

NB, a cautionary, contents largely homemade living-room snapshot erotica, ergo the Star motto, "The Star, where YOU are the star." One must dig to find the following text journalism:
Two articles by Jack Kimborough, an energetic obsessed RFK assassination researcher, now deceased: the first proposes Sirhan Sirhan be empanelled on LA grand jury, the second alleges that "F.B.I. says C.I.A. killed Bob Kennedy," this because FBI released four -bulletholes -in -pantry data that exculpates Sirhan, &c &c. Also, Paul Krassner's column Rumpleforeskin with open letters to Jimmy Carter, to Bill & Emily Harris of the SLA, to Judy Stevenson an alleged FBI shill keeping tabs on the "Emiliano Zapata Unit" in Richmond Ca. Throughout this issue the usual boggling self-exposures and weird gossip, as --Jack Nicholson, Warren Beatty, Lorne Green and Marjoe (!) do a benefit for Chuch Ashman, probably the Charles Ashman who a) had a remarkable toupee, and b) wrote gloves-off stuff on CIA-Mafia plots.

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