How British death squad died [& related articles and other topics in Common Sense II, Richard Boyle editor]

Mill Valley: Common Sense newsmonthly, 1974 (?). 31p., newsprint magazine, 10.5 x 8.5 inches, pastefastened, illustrated with b&w photos, artwork. Browned (but not fragile), some minor staining and edgewear.

One of two cover articles, this subtitled "Why are they covering up? [refers photo of uniformed British hiding their faces] Exclusive on how IRA wiped out British death squads," relates some particulars of multiple -simultaneous ambush of MI5 hit team, rather like the Michael Collins-orchestrated spy wipe-out in 1920. Detailed. ALSO: the other cover article, "Nixon & Havana connection / new evidence of links between Cubans & Watergate, Bebe Robozo [sic] & big crime, and possibly..Nixon himself. ALSO articles on multicultural issues: excerpt from a book on topless dancing by an Asian-american woman, 2p., NLF combat photos & prisoner exchange (and Thai troops in Cambodia) 5p., protest of a Chicano death 1p., "presss blackout at Wounded Knee," grassroots American unrest 2p. THIS APPEARS TO BE SECOND PUBLISHED NUMBER OF A SHORT-LIVED PROTEST MAG.

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