Waterbuggers killed JFK,; pix place plumbers at scene; [cover story, Yipster Times volume 1 number 9 as "Daily News, Amerikkka's Newspaper March 1974"]

New York City: the tabloid, 1974. 16p., folio sheets folded to 17 x 11.5 inches, then folded again tabloid-style. Illustrations throughout the text. Paperstock browned, one short tear near a fold, handleable but to be handled with care.

We believe this was A. J. Weberman at work, as it looks like the line Weberman pursued in his book on the assassination; at any rate by-lines are pseudonymous, as the Yippies had many important illegal things to take care of. Headline-samples follow, in no particular order: "Mystery 'tramp,' Hunt, 1973, handcuffed Frank Sturgis, '74 Bell credit code bared, May is national be kind to potheads month, Free reefer smoke-in, Heil Dylan (Bill Graham presents Nassau nazis), 2 yips face 8 years for playing kazoos!, International smash McDonald's month, Getting Nixon (before he gets you), Phone phreaks tactical manual / foolproof credit card calls / code letters - corresponds to the 5th digit, How to use CNA codes, center double-spread of Dealey Plaza photos, Is this Donald Segretti?, CIA, Hunt, Sturgis linked to Clay Shaw, short pieces on James Earl Ray, Jaworski, bullet testing.

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