TWA 800: a second exchange [in August 13 1998 New York Review of Books volume XLV number 13]

New York: the review, 1998. Single page, three columns, about 1200 words. Entire 14.5 x 1075 inch staplebound magazine, mild edgewear, subscriber's mailing label. Mailed flat if requested.

Jim Hall --chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board-- just barely keeps up his end of an ongoing exchange of ideas; his communication in slightly less than one column. Scarry (she's a Stanford professor, has an informational website, much or all of this information is probably on her site) starts out on a note of forced optimism: "You state three major pieces of information.; Each of the three is extremely heartening to me and (I would think) to anyone concerned about High Intensity Radiated Fields. The first is that the Joint Spectrum Center will attempt to assess the electrical field strength of the airspace around TWA 800. The second is that you will be engaged in discussion with NASA. The third is that the 1988 Air Force Study into the effects of radio waves on military craft -- headed by Colonel Quisenberry --is now being made available to the NTSB.." / She's fighting the good intellectual fight, it's interesting to see her mind at work trying to climb the secrecy barrier.

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