The FBI's false identity program exposed ...1985 edition. Michael Kuzma, compiler.

The FBI's false identity program exposed ...1985 edition...

Buffalo: compiler, 1985. 63p., typewriter-set introduction, profuse documents in xerox facsimile, 11 x 8.5 inch copy-shop binding in plain printed wraps. Careless indelible-pencil mark on cover, title handwritten onto lower edge of textblock, otherwise faint signs of handling.

Largely inter-bureau memos about minor evasions, pervaded by the feeling that there could come major evasion. Text seems designed to be useful to persons wishing to adopt false IDs. Author discreetly sympathizes, seems to be a fourth amendment cause with him. Not touched on is motivation. FBI "motivation" is something that may be more curious to post - 9/11 FBI-watchers, as, for example, how come Algerian antiterrorist operative Lotfi Raissi got to use his dead pharmaceutical-worker ID (elderly female) for four years, every time he got another US pilot's licence every year or two. Flightschool officers Sylvia Stetson and Wes [forgot last name] observed Lotfi training Ziad Jarrah, he who entered a Pennsylvania cowpasture at 500mph.

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