Oil and war, address before 41st annual meeting of the American Petroleum Institute, Chicago, Illinois, November 13, 1961

Chicago: American Petroleum Institute, 1961. 15p., upright 9 x 4 inch staplebound pamphlet wraps, bears a typed-on label reading merely "petroleum," no other accession or ownership marks. Mildest signs of handling.

One would love to have a roster of the names of the oilmen sitting on those chairs that 41st meeting..
"So I say to you, the war is already declared. The weapon is already chosen. It is oil.." says Monroney (US senator from Oklahoma) to his audience of oil million- and billionaires, midway through his speech. At the peroration he amplifies the image, saying as to Khrushchev, "We accept your choice of weapons. We accept your battlefield. And WE declare war on YOU, in the peaceful field of trade."
No overt mention of Kennedy, but Kennedy's disallowance of the depletion mumbojumbo must have been near in mind and heart.

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