Malibongwe. ANC women: poetry is also their weapon

[Sweden?]: African National Congress, [198-]. 130p., a few portrait illustrations, professionally-printed, 9.5 x 7.25 inch plain titled cardstock wraps. Ownership signature on title page, otherwise very good.

Underwritten by a couple of activist Swedish groups, as noted on the title page, probably printed in Stockholm.
The texts, as the editor observes, is not academic or lonely-individuality stuff, but politically astute howl, because of the hideous nature of person-on-person, nation-on-nation perpetrations in Africa. A sample:
"They say kaffirs make good manure
"when they murder us
"fertilize mine dumps
"and boer farms and agrobusiness
"so that potatoes can grow
"..Have you heard of those 'fertilizers'
"they injected in our people
"eMiseleni in Northern Natal?
"And when chemicals
"begin to work on our starved bodies
"every cell in the body
"every bone shrinks
"until 2,000 dwarfs are produced
"in this vast laboratory
"where their learned scientists
"leisurely study
"these fascist-made cripples
"We are the living victims
"of 'cyclon B' [sic., for Zyclon] and 'GAS V'" --in other words, human experimentation on captive population, amongst the equally horrible but more normal-sounding expropriations, forced labor, the coercive leverage of capital.

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