Stefano Delle Chiaie [portrait of a "black" terrorist]. Stuart Christie.

Stefano Delle Chiaie [portrait of a "black" terrorist]

London: Anarchy Magazine / Refract Publications, 1984. vii, 179p., publishers ads, newsphoto illustrations throughout; semicoated paperstock, glossy 8.25 x 5.75 inch wraps somewhat edgeworn. Black papers no. 1.

"The circle of friends" --close links between German industry / commerce and the nazi party allowed postwar "transfer to neutral or nonbelligerent nations of a significant portion of the funds of the major companies of the Third Reich," parallels the ODESSA transfer of personnel.
"Parco dei Principe" -- refers to 1965 3-day anti-communist conference held at hotel Parco dei Principe, financed by the counter intelligence bureau of the Italian secret service.
"NATO and civil emergency planning" --gladio. Author Christie nowhere uses the term, not made officially public until Andreotti's apologia in 1990.
"Why Pinelli?" Giuseppe Pinelli was to provide the finishing touch. The interrogation followed the normal pattern of intimidation: erosion of his physical and mental resistance, and the threat of being named as one of the perpetrators of the massacre. Pinelli did not break, and the interrogations moved on to the 'third degree.' It would appear that during this more violent final phase of Pinelli's interrogation the anarchist realised the full ramifications of the entire plot.."
"Otto Skorzeny" --planning, arms.
"P2" --freemasonry.
"Mario Merlino's address list" --but you have to buy the book.

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