Celayirs, diary of an immigrant family. Sirman A. Celayir.
Celayirs, diary of an immigrant family

Celayirs, diary of an immigrant family

Miami Beach: the author, 1997. 670p., very good hardcover, numerous inserted color snapshot illustrations, also b&w period photographs reproduced with great fidelity, and a few documents in facsimile; black buckram boards titled gilt, stated to be one of 25 copies.

About a third of the text is family history, genealogy, and history of Turkey. Another third is personal observations, and much of the rest is personal stories. Pre-ENRON, Celayir was advisor to US utilities companies, several in Texas. He advised Saudi Arabia on more than several billion-dollar petrochemical, financial, and organizational projects. After being set up and compromised by the CIA (an agent pretended to demand Saudi secrets, Celayir lost his head, tried to hide this from his Saudi hosts, believe it or not, Spiro Agnew does a walk-on here) he repatriates, works for SRI in Menlo Park, makes a bundle on astrology software (he learned something useful by disputing Gauquelin's "scientific proofs" for astrology), then "left to pursue a freelance lifestyle," and thereafter was "employed as an instructor by various universities" and the US Navy.

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