The journal of Judith Beck Stein, the true story of a victim of the American psychiatric hospital prison system [subtitle from an onlay cover sticker]. Judith Beck Stein.

The journal of Judith Beck Stein, the true story of a victim of the American psychiatric hospital prison system [subtitle from an onlay cover sticker]

Washington: author [The Columbia Journal, Inc.], 1973. xv, 170p., documents appended, paperbound original with a text-bearing cover sticker as issued, a fresh copy mildest edgewear and remainder stripe on the bottom edge.

Flip side of "I Never Promised You a Rose Garden," which was a true-life romance and success story about young inmates of Chestnut Lodge. Chestnut Lodge in Judith Beck Stein's world is, instead, a "psychiatric, experimental dirty-trick prison." Urban legend has it that (for instance) when a CIA officer has problems, that's where he gets shrunk. We know for certain (no secret) that Allen Dulles' son was in therapy at the Lodge after a Korean War head injury. What else happens, we can't know, except for reports such as the one at hand. But it is surely significant that Roy Grinker was its head for a number of years, he spent WWII in North Africa trying to figure out ways to get the Yossarians back into the air after they had gotten tired of flying against the Luftwaffe; Grinker was a Drug Doctor, boasted of it in a widely-published memoir, "Men Under Stress." We might better assess Judith Stein's trustworthyness with an analysis of the documents, which purport to show that the Watergate burglars were paid out of her hijacked bank accounts (but this cataloguer has no such facility). Her take on the Kennedy assassination is likewise conspiratorial; she says (pp. 7, 8) that "I was often asked by some of those who saw JFK's Catholicism as a threat to the status quo how I, a Vassar graduate and a Jew, could have supported this coarse whiskey buyer's son?" and her answer is that "If a Catholic of Irish origin could be elected, indeed dthe possibility that a Jew, a black, an Indian, an Italian, a Chicano, a woman, a poet, a musician, a journalist, or any one of the myriad other American have-nots who had been victimized by the economic, racial, religious and social prejudices of the five per cent at the 'top' might make it too."
Stein was a daughter of the rich, a Beck of Beck Oil, and she interested herself in civil rights activism in the early 60s; but after a breakdown (engineered by her seniors amongst the conservative rich? just postpartum depression?) she woke up to recognize America's genocidal plans for world- and individual-domination. On pp.7-8 her
Stein was trained as a journalist, she writes well, she is definitely nuts, and --unusual for any outsider writer-- has enough money to be privy to a lot of inside dope. Seems not afraid of slander suits, guess she's confident she'll be ignored. Author photo on back wrap is really grim, her smile is artificial and her eyes are merely eyeholes.

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