Report of committee on appropriation

n.p. WCTU, n.d. Two sheets 12 x 8.5 inches, mimeographed, listing proposed outlay for salaries, branches, and departments of the organization. Pencilled annotations, check-marks and emendations have been made in the margin. Fastened with brads onto a weightier gray leaf, horizontally fold-creased.

About 45 catagories are distinguished with earmarked monies, e.g. "Work among colored people......$ 500.00; Work among Indians... $50 [with penciled notation- "$150?" ];" other allocations include Non-alcoholic medication, Anti-narcotics, and "Work among foreign-speaking people including Missionary on Ellis Island." The chairman is listed as Cornelia B. Forbes, who appears to have been highly active in the WCTU in the 1890s and first decade of the 1900s. Emma Shores was secretary, with other names listed being Luella A. Ramsey, Sara H. Hoge and Hannah J. Bailey.

Cat.No: 63317

Price: $45.00