Stop S-1! an analysis of the criminal justice codification, revision and reform act of 1975

New York: Guardian, 1976. 8p., 8.5x11inches, wraps, reprinting of several articles appearing in the October 15, October 22 and November 5, 1975 issues of the Guardian.

S-1, 799 pages long, "breathes new life into the Smith act [which]..prohibited anyone from advocating or teaching the desirability of overthrowing the government by force.." --drops the term "advocacy" and substitutes " conduct." The bill also re-enacts a recinded "incitement to riot" act, and empowers and protects police provocateurs. Further, "The section on 'Impairing military effectiveness by issuing a false statement' threatens journalists with jail if the military decided their reports 'aren't accurate.'."

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